Kid’s Rhyme : Driving in my Car

Hey Kids ! Tired of mugging those poems each and every day ?
Loosing Your Play Time while learning poems from textbooks ?
Well ! No more worries. Now you can learn while play.
Now Enjoy and Learn at the same time by watching this video.


Promoting Creativity in Kids

My mom always says that she used to do a lot of non-sense (from a common people’s perspective) things in her childhood days.

This is what possibly, many of the mothers would be saying to their children whenever they feel like sharing some old memories with their children.

In the whole conversation with my mom, one strange thing I noticed.

Want to know what ?? Well You might also get surprised !

She said that she used to make funny images (non-sense) of all the closed ones related to her and Once she presented those images to her father (My Maternal GrandFather), He scolded her badly.

Since then she never came up with any other funny images any more. Sounds disheartening  but that’s true.

Now my mom is a successful housewife but who knows She could well have been a popular artist.


The only thing I want to highlight through this article is that We ourselves know that those little artistic activities might someday transform them to a professional artist, be it a writer, Photographer, Cricketer, etc but we still hesitate in promoting our kids to be creative and innovative.

The Koohooo!! Project launches “National Symbols of India”

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The Koohooo!! Project has launched its very first kid’s story, “National Symbols of India (Kindle edition)”.

This book covers 6 National Symbols of India.

The theme of the Story is conceptualized by Aadya Mudgal Panjiar, a Six Year old girl in Class IInd in Amity International School, NOIDA, U.P., India.

The Stories covered in this book are :

  1. Why Do We Have A National Flag?
  2. Why Do We Sing National Anthem?
  3. Why Do We Have The National Emblem?
  4. Which One Is The National Flower of India?
  5. What’s Our National Song, if “Jan, gana, mana…” is the National Anthem?
  6. Which Is the National Bird of India?

You can read this eBook on any Kindle Devices viz ipad, iphone, tab, Kindle for PC.

You can download the Kindle app for free and  enjoy reading the eBook.

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eBook Details

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  • Publisher: ink Imprint (April 14, 2013)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • Kindle Price: $0.91

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Using Creative Art to make a fish craft

The Koohooo!! Project not only enhances creative writers in kids but it aims at promoting  creative paradigm in making some artistic products.

Kids enjoy drawing figures like fish, peacock, rabbit on their scrap books but have you ever wondered of making a fish using CD’s and colorful papers.

Well It’s not that difficult to accomplish this.

You just need to watch this videos to create your own Creative Fish Craft.

Aadya’s Creative moments


aadyaAadya Mudgal Panjiar, a Six year old girl in Class IInd in Amity International School, NOIDA, U.P., India.

Daughter of Swati Mudgal and  Vishwas Panjiar is a very chirpy girl, and her cheeks always remain lightly flushed with mischievous smile. However, it is her misty eyes that tell tale many stories untold so far.

Aadya’s Creative Moments

aadya6“Every child has some innate qualities”, that’s what the Koohooo!! Project believes.
The Koohooo!!! Project  identifies these qualities among kids and encourage them to covert these qualities into something substantial.

It is very important to notice each and every minute activity of kids that gives them any sort of pleasure whether it is painting, writing, singing, dancing or any other form of art.

Looking at Aadya’s painting (a basket full of fruits), one can readily identify that painting is definitely one area that Aadya loves doing, and the Koohooo!!! Project explores and nurtures this creative sparks in Aadya .

The Koohooo!! Project always looks for such sort of activity of kids and eventually providing them the exposure, platform to develop them into bright prospects.